You Only Live Once: Why You Should Travel

When friends see you, they’re more surprised than happy. Your house may have been gathering a bit of dust from lack of use. Your clothes look a little rugged, and your backpack has seen better days. Almost nothing you wear or own is brand new; it’s gone through rain, mud, snow, in almost all weather conditions. The only thing you’ve tried so hard to take care of is your tickets and your passport, almost full with stamps and visas.

Traveling is the modern man’s way of getting in touch with more of the outside world. In a world where technology has reigned supreme and cities are sprouting up all over once-serene countrysides, the only way to reconnect is to see what the world has to offer.

It’s such a popular hobby that your tales of adventure and misadventure become the topic of many good nights with friends over some steak and beer. You tell of that time you nearly got scammed in a seedy bar somewhere during a wild night out in Madrid. You tell of how you had to chase down your bus in Prague because you forgot your backpack. Friends listen as you tell them how you moved from bar to bar in Paris, a couple of girls hanging out with you. It’s these tales of youthful adventure that make traveling a popular hobby.

Aside from the thrill of adventure and of the unknown — you never know what’s going to happen next — there’s a degree of self knowledge and wisdom that comes with exploring the world with your own two feet and seeing other cultures with your very own eyes. You get to understand how other people in different parts of the world live and survive; what they do for a living, how they have fun, how they cope with the misadventures of their daily lives. You get to share your stories with them and they tell theirs; you get to form a connection and a bond on a truly human level.

You get to know more about yourself too. When you’ve been scammed one too many times, you learn your capacity for dealing with frustration and things going wrong. You learn to be more patient, careful, and you eventually get to find out people’s kindness. It’s an eye opening experience that you just can’t learn sitting on your couch all day. Explore the world, learn about yourself and other people’s cultures, and it truly is the best thing you’ll do for yourself all your life

How To Respark The Romance In Your Relationship?

Portrait of romantic man giving flowers to womanMany couples are interested in finding ways to bring romance back into their relationships, however this is often easier said than done, particularly if the couple has a long history of neglecting their romantic connection. This is something that is very sad for many people in countries all over the globe, but the good news is that if you are still together with your partner, then chances are that you can still get things back to the way that they used to be so long as you are serious about fixing your current unacceptable situation.

So how does a couple respark the romance? And once they do, how can they keep that fire of love burning? Here are a few of my best tips…

First take a break from each other for a few days. This tip may sound crazy, and it won’t do much good if one or both of you already travel frequently, but assuming that you usually see each other every day, then it can be quite refreshing to take a little break and give your partner a chance to miss you. Have you ever heard to the old expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” This is exactly what that guy was talking about when he said that.

Next, when you come back from your little vacation away from your spouse, make a point not to fall into the same old rut that you have been in all over again and instead try to break out of the old tired patterns you have no doubt fallen in to. Instead take your partner out on a romantic date and try to really wow them with your sexiness the way you used to when you first met. This means go get a hair cut, or if you are a woman go to the salon and tell them you want to look super hot.

Then go get a new outfit that shows off your body and take a shower so you smell fresh and clean. Trust me, if you do all this stuff your partner will like it and then after the date you can go home and have a roll in the hay like you haven’t done in years, read Cosmo and learn some new techniques that will drive him wild, or if you are a man watch some movies to learn some new techniques to rock her world! You’re welcome.

Make Women Want You Review – Interesting Facts To Consider

loving couple embraceDo you sometimes have difficulty working up the courage to approach an attract woman you see as you go about your day? Does your heart fill with fear thinking about what it would be like to speak to such a love lady, or to kiss her? Numerous men from all over the globe struggle with these same issues everyday, so at least you can feel good for the fact that you are not alone! Another bright spot is the fact that today there are guides that can help you to improve your dating skills as we see in this Make Women Want You review. This is all about a book for men that can show you the finer points of chatting up a woman and filling her heart with love for you.

Such a program may be of benefit to you depending on your ambitions for success with women, but any way you slice it, finding out more about this topic can only go to benefit a man in the long run. One thing that is of the uptmost importance to keep in mind as you go out into the world intent of improving your dating skills is that women like to be treated like ladies, regardless of what pop-culture may tell us. While men on MTV may get away with acting like thugs and disrespecting women this kind of behavior may very well get you slapped if you make the mistake of trying it out in real life.

Another thing to remember is that the man should always pay for the first date. While this may sound old-fashioned to some of you, the fact remains that it is the man’s job to pay for the meal and he should not even entertain the thought of allowing his date to pay or to “go dutch” and split the bill. Many women will offer to pay for a portion of the tab, or indeed to pick up the check for both parties but this is invariably a test to see whether or not a man has any manners. Remember though, it is not necessary to take a woman to an expensive restaurant, particularly if you are short on funds.

Finally, always remember to compliment a woman on her appearance to show her that you appreciate the effort she has put into looking her best for you. There is a great deal of social pressure put on women to look a certain way, and you want to let her know that you approve so as not to make her feel anxious or uncomfortable on your date.

I imagine you’ll agree that it’s easy enough to make women want you when you have the information provided on just remember that things will get easier and easier with practice, and before you know it you’ll have the woman of your dreams by your side.

Why Running Is Good For You – What Science Tells Us

You start off slow and a little unsteady. The track is right in front of you, and it seems to stretch endlessly, but you know there’s an end somehow, you just can’t see it yet. It doesn’t matter. You place one foot forward, then the other, again and again, building up a pace as you finally settle into the rhythm. The easy pace comes just in time as your favorite running song plays in your ear. You’re out on a nice sunny day, the wind on your face, and it’s just you vs the road.

Some people might think it’s a pointless hobby, simply running on and on until you feel tired. But for many runners, it’s more than that. And the reasons behind its appeal help explain why running is such a popular hobby for men.

Running as a sport is one of the most effective ways of working out. Because it’s a cardiovascular exercise, it gets your heart pumping, which can help lead to more effective weight loss. After a few weeks of running you can feel the difference; you feel a little lighter, a lot stronger, and you start to settle in a comfortable rhythm and pace.

Many men also use running as a way to calm down or to vent off some steam. After a long and frustrating day at work, who wouldn’t want to just run off the stress and frustration of the day? Run faster when you’re angry, let yourself be fueled by the stress that you feel. Eventually you’ll feel much more calm and relaxed as the endorphins kick in and you feel better. For many, running is a kind of meditation; you start off feeling burdened and end up feeling like you’re in Cloud 9. That’s runner’s high — you feel more euphoric, stronger, and more motivated to even run another lap or two.

Running also has its self-esteem boosting benefits. Every day you hit the road you’re trying to beat your own personal record. It’s a good way to challenge yourself consistently, always striving to beat your personal best. It’s you vs yourself, and you’ll want to emerge the winner, always better.

So lace up your running shoes, get outside and hit the road. Take in the fresh air and challenge your body. Beat the stress, get healthier and more fit, look great and have fun — it’s one of the best hobbies you’ll ever get into.