You start off slow and a little unsteady. The track is right in front of you, and it seems to stretch endlessly, but you know there’s an end somehow, you just can’t see it yet. It doesn’t matter. You place one foot forward, then the other, again and again, building up a pace as you finally settle into the rhythm. The easy pace comes just in time as your favorite running song plays in your ear. You’re out on a nice sunny day, the wind on your face, and it’s just you vs the road.

Some people might think it’s a pointless hobby, simply running on and on until you feel tired. But for many runners, it’s more than that. And the reasons behind its appeal help explain why running is such a popular hobby for men.

Running as a sport is one of the most effective ways of working out. Because it’s a cardiovascular exercise, it gets your heart pumping, which can help lead to more effective weight loss. After a few weeks of running you can feel the difference; you feel a little lighter, a lot stronger, and you start to settle in a comfortable rhythm and pace.

Many men also use running as a way to calm down or to vent off some steam. After a long and frustrating day at work, who wouldn’t want to just run off the stress and frustration of the day? Run faster when you’re angry, let yourself be fueled by the stress that you feel. Eventually you’ll feel much more calm and relaxed as the endorphins kick in and you feel better. For many, running is a kind of meditation; you start off feeling burdened and end up feeling like you’re in Cloud 9. That’s runner’s high — you feel more euphoric, stronger, and more motivated to even run another lap or two.

Running also has its self-esteem boosting benefits. Every day you hit the road you’re trying to beat your own personal record. It’s a good way to challenge yourself consistently, always striving to beat your personal best. It’s you vs yourself, and you’ll want to emerge the winner, always better.

So lace up your running shoes, get outside and hit the road. Take in the fresh air and challenge your body. Beat the stress, get healthier and more fit, look great and have fun — it’s one of the best hobbies you’ll ever get into.

Why Running Is Good For You – What Science Tells Us
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