Portrait of romantic man giving flowers to womanMany couples are interested in finding ways to bring romance back into their relationships, however this is often easier said than done, particularly if the couple has a long history of neglecting their romantic connection. This is something that is very sad for many people in countries all over the globe, but the good news is that if you are still together with your partner, then chances are that you can still get things back to the way that they used to be so long as you are serious about fixing your current unacceptable situation.

So how does a couple respark the romance? And once they do, how can they keep that fire of love burning? Here are a few of my best tips…

First take a break from each other for a few days. This tip may sound crazy, and it won’t do much good if one or both of you already travel frequently, but assuming that you usually see each other every day, then it can be quite refreshing to take a little break and give your partner a chance to miss you. Have you ever heard to the old expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” This is exactly what that guy was talking about when he said that.

Next, when you come back from your little vacation away from your spouse, make a point not to fall into the same old rut that you have been in all over again and instead try to break out of the old tired patterns you have no doubt fallen in to. Instead take your partner out on a romantic date and try to really wow them with your sexiness the way you used to when you first met. This means go get a hair cut, or if you are a woman go to the salon and tell them you want to look super hot.

Then go get a new outfit that shows off your body and take a shower so you smell fresh and clean. Trust me, if you do all this stuff your partner will like it and then after the date you can go home and have a roll in the hay like you haven’t done in years, read Cosmo and learn some new techniques that will drive him wild, or if you are a man watch some movies to learn some new techniques to rock her world! You’re welcome.

How To Respark The Romance In Your Relationship?
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